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UPLAND Crypto Blockchain UPX NFT Game

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Play Earn and Collect Rare NFT properties in your favorite cities around the world.  Why is this game so addicting?  While still in Beta testing, Upland.me is ranked as the #1 Online Blockchain according to DappRadar.com.  You can download the mobile or desktop game online at the Google Play or Apple App store.  Find out for yourself what all the hype is about -- before everyone else gets all the best properties.

Upland Bonus UPX coin tokens for cryptop blockchain NFT mobile game at Upland.me

Read below for info on how you can get a huge head-start with a 50% bonus in EOS UPX token coin game credits.

Upland popular Llama mascot gif nft

This is a Property trading game that brings back monopoly memories, but with real-world addresses.  Imagine owning the NFT for the Statue of Liberty in NY | Financial District Buildings on Wall Street | Times Square | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Broadway | Empire State Building | Brooklyn Museum | NY Aquarium | Fresno Zoo and Museums | Union Square and Coit Tower in San Francisco | and thousands of other landmark buildings and locations.

online mobile games to earn crypto blockchain upx bitcoin daily

There are tons of strategies to develop and try out yourself. You can follow our link to get started and receive a free batch of 3,000 in-game UPX tokens.  This is the game currency that allows you to purchase(mint) new properties for yourself.  We recommend at least a $10 investment that will give you a better chance for success early in the game, but you can still start without spending a penny.  Whatever you decide to invest, trusts us and leverage the bonus link to get a one time 50% bonus on whatever coins you buy.  The bonus only works once!

free play to win UPX crypto daily  There is also a huge passionate & engaging community in discord where gamers can chat with fellow Llama aficionados to buy | sell | trade/shill properties | join forces | tell jokes | and get the latest announcements from the UPLAND team on NFT drops from great partners like the Blockchain Heroes with their cool custom  

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You won't regret checking out virtual property trading game masterpiece that is Upland. Don't forget to use this link so Upland can reward you with a HUGE BONUS bonus your first UPX coin purchase:  https://r.upland.me/t2nv

P.S - If you cheat in the game, they send you to Alcatraz prison!!!!  This game is Lit. 

upland game logo theme colors 

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