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Bubble Wrap, Foam & Sturdy Comic Book Mailers Keep Your Comics Safe

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Delivering collectable comic books takes a little effort and TLC.  It's faster and easier to just slide a hot new variant book in a box, add 2 pieces of tape and send it to the post office for shipping.

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Our SOFAN Comics team likes to take a few extra steps to make sure our products get to collectors safely.  Listed below are the key ingredients to package and ship your order so that it arrives safely:

  1. Solid BCW backing boards and bags : Modern | Current | Silver 
  2. Add an extra thick board on top of order
  3. Foam [ provides great insulation ]
  4. Bubble wrap (we buy wholesale sealed air rolls in bulk)
  5. Another solid piece of thick cardboard
  6. Insert content into a sturdy Gemini II Comic Book FLASH Mailer
  7. Tape all edges and seams to prevent water damage
  8. Insert into Legal Flat rate envelope for priority mail orders
  9. Use flat rate medium & large priority boxes for larger orders 

Sure this is a lot of extra work, but our customers have every right to expect safe and prompt deliveries.

We hope that our differentiated packaging process set us apart from competitor shops.  Serious collectors demand the best and expect their valuable shipment to arrive in the best possible condition. Our pack and ship methods help prevent edge and corner bends dings and damage.  We offer the option to send via USPS postal mail, priority  and flat rate legal pack.

We care about our customers and the goods they buy from us... Our level of service also helps shoppers feel more confidant and comfortable about returning and buying more gifts next month.   

Try us out and we will prove that we work to earn your business with every new order. Comic collectors have hundreds of buying options, so we appreciate your business.  

In an effort to do our part to keep the environment clean for our children, families, and friends, we ask that you reuse all of the packing materials or recycle them.  Save them for your next move, mail a rare collectable gift to a favorite college student, or share with a friend in need.  You can also donate the packaging materials to local charities. Some have even repurposed the materials to design a bubble wrap party / halloween suit.  


We also sell wholesale and retail bulk packing materials and supplies at a discount. 

foam wrap

Stop back soon for new trending comic books updated to our online comic book shop every month.

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