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Kamen Rider Series

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The Kamen Rider Series is a television franchise of manga and tokusatsu films and programs created by manga anime artist Shotaro Ishinomori. The series is also known as the Masked Rider Series | Kamen Raidā Shirīzu | 仮面ライダーシリーズ . The motorcycle super heroes fight evil villains (kaijin (怪人).  It all started with the Kamen Rider tv series in 1971 that followed Takeshi Hongo, a young college student on his journey to conquer and vanquish the evil Shocker organization.

Thanks to the huge success and popularity of the show, the series franchise has launched several Movie and TV sequels. Global fans have continued to support all of the shows as well as the various cast of characters. Signs of cultural impact of the Japanese series can be seen and felt around the world.  

Kane Riders

Overview of the Kamen Rider Series

Although variations of the show exist, most episodes include a young adult male transforming into a Kamen motorcycle rider to challenge multiple monsters and villains. Early Kamen Riders were generally based on various insects, but newer episodes focus on new themes. The motorcycles known as Rider Machines, are a focal point in the show. Since 1971, Suzuki provided the initial motorcycles for the series, but Honda and Ducati introduced new bike son the show as well. The riders wore different colored outfits and each fan has a favorite Kamen Rider color and style.

Kamen Riders are able to transform and power up into more powerful versions of themselves. Kamen Rider Black RX could change into Robo Rider and Bio Rider. Each rider has a unique super power and style.

Some Riders fight for justice and peace. Others have been driven by revenge, greed, or personal ambitions.  Riders gain superpowers through surgical alterations to their bodies, while some wear armored suits powered by magic and advanced technology.  

Kamen Rider heroKamen Rider

Rider Finishes | Combat Techniques

Similar to popular mortal combat video games, each Kamen Rider character has unique combat techniques like the Rider Kick, Rider Punch, or Rider Chop.  These Signature moves have been embraced by the fans.   

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

In 2009, Dragon Knight focused on 12 Kamen Rider Warriors who protect the parallel world of Ventara from the evil General Xaviax. Corrupt humans submit to Xaviax and his cause. Kit Taylor becomes the Dragon Knight Kamen Rider, and partners with Len, the Wing Knight Kamen Rider.  The series won a daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination. 

Saban's Masked Rider

Masked Rider was first launched as a spin-off of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Prince Dex was granted powers from his grandfather to protect his family and friends on his planet. During his journey, Dex makes his way to Earth and lives with the Stewart family.  While on earth, Dex protects it from evil Dregon's attacks.  

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