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Francesco Mattina Surprises Comic Book Art Fans Every Week – SOFAN Comics

Francesco Mattina Surprises Comic Book Art Fans Every Week

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Francesco Mattina creates the most iconic comic book covers week after week. 

He was born in in Turin, Italy and recently launched tunning comic book art covers for Batman, Deathstroke, Flash, Spider Man, & Harley Quinn.  The vibrant colors and unique style pop on every cover he creates. 

Mattina has been producing so many winning B Variant covers that sell out every week.  Do your best to collect them all and be sure to display them proudly.  Find some CGC graded at 9.8 and you should be handsomely rewarded for your investment in the coming years. 

Our staff at SOFAN Comics can't wait to see what Francesco comes up with next.  You can find many of his great sold out covers on our Francesco Mattina comic book artist page.  

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