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ZOMBIE TRAMP #48 F Dan Mendoza Risque Variant VF+/NM+ – SOFAN Comics
Zombie Tramp #48 F Dan Mendoza Risque Variant Vf+/nm+ Comic

ZOMBIE TRAMP #48 F Dan Mendoza Risque Variant VF+/NM+

Action Lab Danger Zone

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ZOMBIE TRAMP #48 D Collette Turner Risque Variant VF+/NM+

The gathering to destroy Janey Belle has begun. But will they be strong enough to take on her Demon form? The first of two issues this month leading to the epic anniversary 50th issue event! Features 3 regular and risque variants, including two covers from series creator Dan Mendoza (DollFace)!

Diamond code: APR181216 • UPC: 70046577236704841

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