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Weed Magic #1 Bliss On Tap Publishing (2017) LOW PRINT Hard To Find! M – SOFAN Comics

Weed Magic #1 Bliss On Tap Publishing (2017) LOW PRINT Hard To Find! Marijuana


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great new One Shot  Hard to find  

Weed Magic #1 Bliss On Tap Publishing (2017) 1st Print - LOW PRINT Hard To Find!


Hollywood, California. It's 4/20 and two lovable stoners - Moe and his best friend Bunny - find themselves (and the whole city) completely dry. When local vagabond My$tic gifts the boys a strange and exotic strain of cannabis (along with a cryptic warning), Moe and Bunny soon discover that this 'magic' weed provides potent yet fleeting super-human powers of body and mind. The love child of Pineapple Express and The Greatest American Hero, Weed Magic will delight the sober and stoned alike. Red Eyes. Full Bong. Can't Lose.  

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