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Marvel Tales X-Men #1 A Jen Bartel NM 1st print

Marvel Tales X-Men #1 A Jen Bartel NM 1st print


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Marvel Tales X-Men #1 A Jen Bartel VF+/NM+ 1st print

Written by Roy Thomas, Jo Duffy, and Chris Claremont. Art by Neal Adams, Tom Palmer, Kerry Gammill, Petra Scotese, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Joe Rosas, and Glynis Oliver. Cover by Jen Bartel. The X-Men join the celebration of the House of Ideas' 80th anniversary with the latest issue of the era-spanning MARVEL TALES! This anthology shines a spotlight on fan-favorite characters, features timeless stories and highlights some of Marvel's most impressive talent from the past eight decades. First, Alex Summers suits up as the man called Havok in X-MEN (1963) #58 - a classic tale of the original X-Men by the legendary team of Roy Thomas and Neal Adams! Then, New Mutants' Sunspot and Warlock join a ragtag group of teen heroes - plus the mutant lobsters known as Bill and Don - in FALLEN ANGELS #2 by classic creators Jo Duffy and Kerry Gammill! And finally, Storm powerfully reasserts herself as the captured X-Men face execution in Genosha in UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #272 by the superstar team of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee! 76 pages, full color.


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