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BATMAN #45 A 1st print Tony S Daniel VF+/NM+ 2018 – SOFAN Comics
Batman #45 A 1St Print Tony S Daniel Vf+/nm+ 2018 Comic

BATMAN #45 A 1st print Tony S Daniel VF+/NM+ 2018


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BATMAN #45 A 1st print Tony S Daniel VF+/NM+ 2018  hard to find
Ships with a bag and board

THE TRAVELERS' part one! Booster Gold has come to Gotham City, and he's enlisting Batman and Catwoman to go on a time-traveling mission to rescue…Booster Gold! It seems a younger Booster Gold has gone back in time to kidnap an even younger version of himself, and to rescue his own past, Booster must pursue both of his previous incarnations through Batman's history to find out what is going on. The start of a new story that will sow the seeds for a whole new epic to come

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