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CGC Comic Books Grading Scale

MINT | NM+ | NM | VF | FC

Comic book grading standards are based on Overstreet's Grading Guide and our store's best estimate.   Comic Book Grading is very subjective with varying stores and shop small business owner opinions.  CBCS, PBX, and CGC are the most popular grading services in the USA. 


Comic Book Grading Scale





VF+ (Very Fine + 

VF  Very Fine 

VF-  Very Fine - 

VG (Very Good 

FR Fair 

PR  Poor 


10 Point Comic Book Grading Scale

Gem Mint  10.0 GM
Mint  9.9 M
Near Mint+  9.8 NM+ 

 Near Mint+  9.6 NM+

Near Mint  9.4 NM

Near Mint-  9.2 NM- 

Very Fine+  9.0 VF+

Very Fine+  8.5 VF+ 

Very Fine  8.0 VF 


Comic Grading

Professional comic book store grading eliminates concerns about grade misrepresentations by providing a professional assessment of condition and quality. Certified comic books by CGC are graded by the hobby’s most experienced and trusted team, according to well-established grading standards. Every CGC-certified comic book undergoes a thorough restoration check by leading professionals during the certification process. When restoration is detected, it is fully noted on the certification label.

Once certified by CGC, a comic book is encapsulated in a state-of-the art, tamper-evident holder, providing superior protection and stability for long-term preservation.

CGC grading employees are prohibited from commercially buying or selling comic books, eliminating any potential conflicts of interest. CGC was the first impartial, third-party certification service.

Over one hundred thousand comic books are submitted to CGC stores each year. Books are carefully handled and tracked through the grading process, and always fully insured while on our premises. You can explore comic book grading by tracing through the grading process. 

CBCS is another popular grading service which offers impartial grading and certification for comic books. From the moment your books enter their CBCS facility, they are handled with the upmost care by highly trained and professional staff. Their facility boasts a heavily fortified, climate controlled vault, and state-of-the-art security cameras that record and save, the actions of every CBCS employee in every room where comic books are during the certification process. Browse comic book pics of our rare variant picks ... Comics make great gifts so give them a holiday or birthday gift they really want.