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Comic Book Movies and Release Date News | DC Animated Movies 2020

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Comic Book News | DC Animated Movies 2020

News abounds every year about new movies that are released based on a comic book storyline or character.  Thanks to the proliferation of comic book stories and characters, media titans like Netflix, Apple, Warner Brothers... have tons of content to develop.  They continue to launch films and series that bring our favorite comic book heroes,  heroines, and villains to life.  

Luckily Hollywood continues to support new projects based on all types of comic books.  The films are successful around the world and new records are broken each year.  The recent hit Aquaman proves that global fans are still ravenous for new comic content brought to life on the big screen.  Stats also show that consumers want more of this rich content on their small screens at home and on the road.  Digital viewing through home streaming and mobile phones also continue to skyrocket each year. 

Comic Book Movies Launching in 2019

We are excited about upcoming movies that are based on Dc VS Marvel online comic book store heroes. Marvel Avengers Endgame hits theaters in 2019 for the 4th movie installment to conclude the series.  Captain Marvel is also set to release in 2019. Clint Barton (HawkEye) will assume the identity of Ronin in Avengers: Endgame (2019) played by Jeremy Renner. Ronin is an alias used by several characters in the Marvel Universe. The name Ronin refers to the Japanese term for a Samurai without a master, a solitary warrior.

Sounds like there will also be a Walking dead movie based on the hit series from Image Comics. We can also expect DC's Shazam movie in 2019, along with the DC television series Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol.  Of course New Mutants and Glass will also launch in 2019.  Glass brings exciting villains to life that are sure to lure new fans to the comic book universe. 

Spider-Man Far From Home hits theaters this year along with the long-awaited JOKER movie, which focuses on The Clown Prince of Crime's origin story.  This story will be told through a very unique lens where Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is Arthur Fleck.  The villain starts off as a  failed standup comedian from the early 1980s.  He somehow is driven insame by his failures and leaves a trail of destruction and chaos throughout Gotham City. 

Our hope is that more content launches from the sci-fi fantasy and comic book realm.  Stay tuned for the hottest comic book stores art on sale each week at Sofan Comics.  We supply global comic book fans with the best modern comics on earth.

2019 Release Dates for New Comic Book Movies 

Captain Marvel  Release Date: March 8 

Shazam! Release Date: April 5  

Hellboy Release Date: April 12 

Avengers: Endgame Release Date: April 26 

Dark Phoenix Release Date: June 7 

Spider-Man: Far From Home Release Date: July 5 

The New Mutants Release Date: August 2 

Joker Release Date: October 4  

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